Troy Ave - Hennessey and Apple Juice

Текст песни: Hennessey and Apple Juice

I'm drinking Hennessey and apple so I might be wet
But it's a fact there's frozen water on my wrist and neck
Another fact is niggas hate but I'm still gettin' a check
And I wear Dolce and Gabana like they Nike Tech
Doin' 'em foul when I ball, yup, get a ref
Look at my whips, kook at my drips, killin' 'em, missin' breath
I'm breathin' down my fourth million, forever fresh
Broke niggas say, "You stink," it's the smell of success
Unfamiliar to you, I'm your dealer's dealer
While you be waitin' in line, I got weight to grind, nigga
Like Folgers and ground beef, I cook up and smell sweet
Aromatherapy at the sky villa suite
In Vegas, that's the Palms, a dope boy turned don
Turned rich ass nigga, I turn like Voltron
Heavy metal on me so I guess it's the same
Only difference is I'll fire that thing
Rappers just be rapping, your boy really be trappin'
Your boy really shop at Versace out in Manhattan
I'm a cold motherfucker and I just don't care
Six bands for my blanket and ten for central air
Woo, I had to Rick Flair on this shit
My earrings look like when he used to enter and shit
It go duh-duh-dun-duh, entrada, silk shirt by Escada
Do it big like I'm Poppa, only smoke real proper
All these fake niggas 'round, I'm starting to feel improper
'Bout to go see a doctor, he said my wrist sick, ice cold, brizzick
Twenty thousand on the hand a nigga cook bricks with
I remember having to draw my mama up a wishlist
Now every day my kids can say, "Daddy, is it Christmas?"
Nah, that's just for nothin'
That's just to show the world a nigga ain't out here frontin'
And show you when you work, you ain't gotta want for nothin'
And Santa ain't real, come in my crib, I'll slump him

Merry motherfuckin' Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
What else I forget?
Dobe Boy Troy, ayy

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