Two Door Cinema Club - Satisfaction Guaranteed (Текст / Слова песни)

Текст песни: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Well, I've been waiting for
That kind of lie
Satisfaction guaranteed
You'll find your way to
Getting what you like
Love, ambition, or greed

Sign up
Tick it off
Get the numbers
Try this
That missed
Don't cry
More stuff
'Til nothing is enough
And I want to try

Bliss awaits
Bliss awaits
A paradise in the way
The rising star
Buried deep in the roots
Family car
It's awake
Homemade television
Won't come up that easily
Under the waves
Buried deep in the roots
Of lemonade
It's awake
Worldwide exhibition
Won't come up that easily

Paint a picture from
The other side
What you get is what you see
Could do better if
You only tried
Stay connected for free
Get stuck
Nip and tuck
Get the hunger
Full steam
Wet dream
Deep fry
Feedback is falling
Through the cracks
And I want to try

Turning the tide
Holding a candle
Up to the sunlight
Fixing the fight
Hoping to try

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