Two Door Cinema Club - So Many People (Текст / Слова песни)

Текст песни: So Many People

I still believe
I wonder
Give me something more
If I don't feel any younger
Show me to the door

I've been so many people
Still, I am one
The one you've never met
Waiting to say when
I've still got time
It's easy to forget

I have something better than everybody else
I've landed
Thought about it
Talked about it
Forgot about it
I keep the pace
Keep my distance
Go a different speed
Another page
Resistance, I could take the lead

I've seen so many people
Beat that drum
The pattern in my head
Save a dance for me
I'm coming home
With nothing to regret
I left the motor running
I left the game
I left the motor running
Out in the rain

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