Two People - It's Late

Текст песни: It's Late

[Verse 1]
It's late
I still haven’t heard from you
You feel good
You'd be asleep, but I'd wake you wide again
Either way, we lost a day again, mmh
We owe so much
I’m caught in your voice

[Verse 2]
Paint me knowing
I don't ask again
Paint me loving
You come fake again
Paint me the fire
You once felt for them
I feel nothing
And you're so numb

How can, how can you say that?
How can, how can you say that?

[Verse 3]
Paint me boring
Creasing your face and then
Paint me soaring
In your eyes begin
To paint me memory
That I can hold within
It's how I feel I'm buzzing
I'm caught in your voice
Two People M-tech 42 29.01.2019

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