Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - Car Service

Текст песни: Car Service

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Clear the runway baby
I get money from Sunday to Sunday lady
Ohh behave I'm young, rich famous
Grinding, keep my pockets on Schwarzenegger
O.G in my Swisher so my blunt taste flavored, don't it?
Y'all niggas can get if you want it
Tryna catch a flight?
I'm in the back seat playing Xbox, car service just chillin'
Burners in the wall, money all through the ceiling
And Spitta on the phone, tell my dawg that we killin'
These fuckin blogs, they love a star and I'm flashin'
Life just like a movie
No casting. Ask if
The game been kinda slow but I'mma treat it like a Ashton
Pedal to the metal I'm mashin'
All we know is big money, medical weed, and fashion
So, try your best to imagine

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
I'm rollin up another one
Starring out this window, window, window, windowwww
They tellin me to change how I'm livin', but it's all I know
You see me in every city on my way out to another one, another one, another one, another ooonne
You find me anywhere that paper go, go, oh, oh, ohhhhh

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Bong rips
Double S's with the floor shift
Windows 20/20 clear
Peep the 20's on the rear
Order the car service
If I feel as though I don't want steer
Bitches freeze in the Xenon headlights like a deer
But not out of fear, she looking cause its money over here
Shine from above these land lovers I'm a chandelier
My girl gotta pocket bubbler in her purse
She keep it G and pack the bowl with weed and let me hit it first
Ain't tryna be a hogg, dawgy all I want is what I'm worth
80 days, 80 stages baby all around the earth
Amazing race for the paper you suckas eattin' dirt
Chew some orbit gum, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue
Fresh as they come, second to none
Pretty woman flirt
Batting eyelashes they need guidance
Lace em up like my New Balance
And keep flyin'
The closest that you lames ever came
To the planes was a Palm Pilot
Wiz Khalifa M-tech 11 09.02.2019

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