Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - Fly Niggas Do Fly Things

Текст песни: Fly Niggas Do Fly Things

[Intro: Wiz Khalifa]
Young Khalifa, man
How fly
We already a quarter pound in on this one
High you?
Yeah, we killing these blogs!
You already know my nigga
Ain't no turning back now
This shit on smash

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Influenced by the reefer but I'm still positively speaking
Heading down to New Orleans fuck with Spitta for a weekend
Exotic bitches freakin', minks on the rug
I'm living Cliquot dreams, pouring drinks in the tub
One life to live, so I'mma live it up
Like you gotta pay for pussy, nigga
I don't give a fuck
Blow it on some new threads
Chickens give me new head
One look at my charm, they say I ain't doing too bad
My palms itching like you did when you rolled in grass
Flick another joint, I'm here but I just hope it lasts
On the beach with my amigos smoking hella Zags
Love the life we lead so we just make a toast and laugh
You say another day, I see it as another plane
Another dollar, another reason to ensure the fame
Every city they repping, they knowin' my name
We the Gang, Taylor-Jets painted on the wing

[Hook: Curren$y]
On the road to riches and diamond rings
Fly niggas do fly things
Smoking weed with your bitch is the song we sing
Fly niggas do fly things
On the road to riches and diamonds rings
Fly niggas do fly things
Take the pictures 'front the Chevy is the song we sing
Kids looking up to me cause I'm a G

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Would it be cliche
To start my verse by saying something that I always say
The planes got it
I perfected my roll in the science of aeronautics
I swear on my soul I would never cosign no nonsense
Muscle car auction
I just cop it and then garage it
Wait on the night to set then really pop it and drive it
Bitches run on side it
Like those little Jamaican kids who saw that Benz with Buns and Ox inside it
Word to Wale, Spitta OT in DC for 4 or 5 days
I got enough pair of fresh J's in my Crooks bag
Smelling like a pound, TSA what they looking at
Wanna pat me down, came up with nothing cousin
Pull away from ground transportation puffin'
Baking kush berry muffins
Mind on a million, trying to get this shit is puzzling
In the grand scheme of things, where you sit in this discussion

Wiz Khalifa M-tech 7 09.02.2019

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