Bones feat. Eddy Baker - Heathen (Текст и слова песни)

Текст песни / Караоке: Heathen


[Verse 1: Bones & Eddy Baker]
Smokin' drugs with my heathens (heathens)
Here to stay I'm never leavin' (leavin')
Finally paid off (off)
Neck wet like a rain drop (drop)
Too cashed with no reason (reason)
Bitch, it's DeadBoy season (season)
Welcome to the graveyard (graveyard)
Got a stone with your name on (with your name on)
Match woods we don't do those
Firearms you don't shoot those
Actin' like you do though (ay, ay)
Get you hurt it ain't new, no

[Verse 2: Eddy Baker]
Walkin' down the street and you know I'm stoned
Head in the sky and I'm all alone
Hell no, I don't need my phone
Try to hit my line, but I'm out the zone
Been off the charts, niggas know I'm gone
South side nigga long way from home
Got a bad foreign bitch she said she from Rome
I been heavy in the streets thuggin' all night long
So much on my mind, put it all in a song
Hard life take another hit of the strong
Know I'm not right out here living wrong
In the graveyard smokin' blunts, chillin' with Bones