Bones & Eddy Baker - DontTellMomTheBabySittersDead

альбом "Burden"

Текст песни: DontTellMomTheBabySittersDead


Backed in, get back
Insane, pack out
Pack in, get that [?] then pack out
Back down, pass out
Bones be blacked out
[?] pass the pack now
Before I act out, I need the dope
Before I lash out, I need to know
Pick it up
My pistol flip a [?]
Then I dirty blow

Riding in the motherfucking drop top
Chevy, Imma pedal to the metal
I'ma go like Petty
.45 with a [?]
Big trunk, I be heavy
Two shots, now he on the stairway to heaven
Pop pop, buck shot
Bitch shut the fuck up
If you couldn't tell bitch, you done lucked up
I'm the living hell and I know that's fucked up
Brain in a cell, If they call, I'm locked up
Bad to the bone, bone
Heart made of chrome, chrome
Ice in the chain got my blood running cold, cold
Looking at my catalog
[?] on my lone
Looking at the world like it's all your fault
Hundred-k flow, Put em up in a vault
Nobody know what Sesh be about
Only thing right with the world is us
No past, just puff on the O's in my lungs


[Eddy Baker:]
Big ass blunt, light it up while I'm swerving
Dirty ass mouth, wash my words down with bourbon
Bitch I don't rap, every verse is a sermon
My shooters some niggas that be burning down churches
Swear you all tough but we know you just actin
All I get is big love, bitch I moved past it
Luger or the .40 Glock, still not lacking
Left him all bloody then I threw his ass a napkin
Mess with my reality, yeah I'm fully focused bitch
Stuntin round town, getting knowledge from my older chick
All up on my dick, cause it's longer than a ruler is
I didn't go to college I was hanging with the hooligans
Give no fucks, niggas know we made it cool again
Ice around my neck, colder than a cooler is
Lock up in the spot with the gang, like a blizzard hit
Fuck a industry, I ain't trynna be censored bitch
Built fast, life, thank god that I'm living it
Two girls with me I feel like John Ritter did
Fuck an [?] I don't know where the sitter is
I'm not well I'm a menace like Dennis is
[?] start bitch, light a blunt, then I go to rock
Every song hit, like a bomb drop, then I rock
I don't follow rules, bitch I do what I fucking want
All around the globe and the dope never ever stop

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