Bones & Deergod - Lasso

альбом "PushingUpDaisies"

Текст песни: Lasso

[Verse: BONES]
You shine a light on what I did in the dark
I feel like falling apart
I never knew what it meant to
But you let me fork a start
I'm feeling hopeless, feeling left out
Already know this, baby, I'm a let down
For a minute I was tryna do right by you
I failed so miserably
Waiting on the time ​I can say those things
It's what got my mind so lost (So lost)
Waiting in line just so you see me
Baby, what could go wrong?
Rollin' in the back, oh, rollin' up the pack, oh
Bandana wrapped 'round the blade like a lasso
Lately I've been trapped though, stuck up in my mind, sad
Happiness is a place that I've yet to find, yeah
Too much commotion, I'm down with the ocean
I'm tryna find my way to shore
Too much emotion, now I am eroded
I can't go on no more

[Outro: BONES]
Waking up in silence sitting alone
Waking up in silence sitting alone

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