BONES - P250 (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "InLovingMemory"

Текст песни: P250


Send 'em at, blindin’
Heavy, be my eyelids
I don't wanna die right now
Step in on my mind, and
Take a look inside it
I can barely speak
I don't got nothin’, that's every day today
I just wish I could go, way away
When I go, I got the right of away
Bagging the money, like right away
Walk into Hell with a hotter way
One day I know that I'll find a way
But I know that it is not today
I gotta keep on, keeping on
Range Rover, back out
One more cup, I black out
Shoot, like Stackhouse
Holdin' it down town
Hard in the paint, I know
Geronimo, I go
Droppin' bombs, car alarms
I said it all, like my last name Latifah (Ayy)
Spinnin' the block, that speed wheel
Baby, please spare me the details
Hangin' out the sun roof
Bussin', what that gun do?
One body drop for each shell
I know what you’re thinkin’ and I'm thinkin’ it too
We should call it off and hit the store and roll on the stoop, ooh
Give you my all, you be my everything
Don't wanna fall, you make me a better me
I cannot fathom, no road is ahead of me
I'll get you high on me, if you be lettin' me
Let me love you one time, let me love you two times
Won’t need to bother, no need for the holler, no, you need some you time
P250, on the side of the hip
F150, if my bitch need a lift
Better think twice, 'fore you make a mean diss
You will be found in a bag, in a ditch
I won't be found in it oh, oh
I just leave that to my bro, oh
Smokin' that dope by the O, oh
Six figures just for the shows

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