BONES - InLovingMemory (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "InLovingMemory"

Текст песни / Караоке: InLovingMemory


Walk up in your spot and watch me turn it to a grave
Put them drugs up in my face and watch me turn into a slave
Every day, every chance I get I take, on the stage
In my grave, either way I'm gettin' paid
Humans like to speak on me and put the smile up on my face
Ear to ear, I'm who they fear, they know I bloody up the place
Grip that pistol with precision, end up in court, yeah, all my bitches dead, dead
Like I'm filmin'
"Ooh, ooh," what they singin'
BONES keep kickin', fuck it up, rippin', got time to show no sympathy
Men in Black the beam, еxcept I want him to remembеr me
Punch into a different beat, the dead is in the infantry
I'm spittin' like an infant, baby, AK on my hip, it hit
This old CD on my hip, bitch, I don't stop until I hit
Them .46's on me flip and now everybody but fifty
So here, I went in by your bed, I need to simmer down
Sittin' on it, know it's me when you hear that pistol sound

Sittin' on it, come with me, we can hear that pistol sound
Sittin' on it, know it's me when hear that pistol sound

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