BONES - ShameOnMe (Текст и слова песни)

Текст песни: ShameOnMe

When we out, riding round, we don't skrrt, skrrt
Bending corners very slowly, like the speed hurt, hurt (like it hurt)
Say you got that work, but bitch, you unemployed
Yes, I surely get annoyed
With all of that "I'm the man" from little boys

I get shit bumping, like I got no choice
Jump in the hearse before I hop in a Royce
Before you left Earth, all you heard was a voice
Bones is the reason you now are destroyed
Fuck with the boy, fuck with the king
Brain on my chain, got your eye in my ring
Sit on my throne fashioned out of your skin
If you hear a scream, SESH at it again
Foam at the mouth, I'm rabid again
Christ has risen, the passion is here
Alive and well, and kicking the cure
The remedy say my name twice, and I'm there
All you need's ash, no need for a mirror
Draw out a square, step inside there
Follow directions so close, you can feel it
If you did it right, now I am here (what)

Creek on the creep, B on the lurk
You can sip mud, I'll stay feeling like dirt

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